Snap and Go

The two components of the WINGStand snap together when not in use to form a compact, pocketable device.


Landscape or Portrait

To accommodate the size of your device, just slide and adjust the clips to any width you need.


Keyboard Integration

The WINGStand creates an intuitive marriage between your device and a real keyboard to make your work more efficient.


A Variety of Devices

The WINGStand can be used with your tablet, mobile or eReader to transform it into a de facto laptop.

Product Details

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The Story

Because touch screen devices lack a tactile interface like a keyboard, typing with them can be an annoyance and never matches up to the writing experience on full-sized computers. Because of this limitation, devices like the iPad have been used almost exclusively for reading and media display. But why squander the full potential of your smaller device? Designed to give tablets the same interactive capabilities as actual computers, the WINGStand unlocks the full capability of your touch screen device.

The WINGStand solves the nuisance of typing on a smaller screened device by uniting your touchscreen with a wireless keyboard. Adding the WINGstand transforms your tablet or smartphone into a de-facto laptop with your device as the monitor. And unlike a standard laptop, the WINGStand retains the portability of your tablet or phone and can be set up to allow you to rotate and reconfigure your iPad, tablet or smartphone in any orientation. The stand enables you to switch between different devices depending on the circumstance, and it even doubles as an upright stand without a keyboard.

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