Extremely versatile   250 x 300

Extremely Versatile

Vertical pillars hold narrow items like skis or snowboards, while rubber pads accommodate items like boxes or lumber.

Pass through   250 x 300


With pass through slots you can easily attach and remove your items without removing the entire rack.

Ultra compact   250 x 300

Ultra Compact

Not only does the Stowaway free up space but it doesn’t take up any either! When stored, The Stowaway packs up into about the size of a shoebox.


No-Slip Rubber Pads

Rubber pads on the bottom of the Stowaway help to reduce vibration keeping your things safe and protecting your car.

Product Details

Patent Pending

This product has intellectual property protection pending, and hence is defended from unpermitted duplication.

Sales Record

This product has been available for sale or presale and has proof of consumer interest.

In Production

Suppliers are in place, tooling is complete, and costing information is available for this product.

The Story

We’ve all been there: asking our friends to borrow their truck or items hanging out of open windows because they’re too large to fit in our cars. The Stowaway Rack makes it so you never get stuck trying to move items too big for your vehicle, or trying to squeeze yourself around gear in the back seat. No need to bother your loved ones for a lift or precariously perch belongings in the hope that they won’t fall out on the way to your destination.

With tool-free setup, the Stowaway stores easily in your trunk then assembles into a full roof rack to transport the items that won’t fit in your car’s interior. The Stoaway fits on any car and carries virtually any object. Vertical pillars hold narrow items, like skis, in place, while rubber pads accommodate wide items, such as boxes or lumber. Need to retrofit the Stowaway? Threaded inserts make it easy to bolt the Stowaway on existing accessories, or to make your own. The Stowaway is the portable, versatile roof rack that helps you and your car do more with less hassle.

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