Extremely Adjustable

Even with larger cases, the Handleband sports an extended slot to increase the length of the tail.


Easily Attachable

Attach the Handleband to more than just the handlebars. It also easily fits on the stem and seat post.


Double Wrap System

The double wrap system enables the Handleband to work effectively with any smartphone, case and bicycle.


Simple, Yet Robust

Rated for 70% more elongation than required and reinforced with 40% more high-strength silicone at the connection points.

Product Details

Patent Pending

This product has intellectual property protection pending, and hence is defended from unpermitted duplication.

Sales Record

This product has been available for sale or presale and has proof of consumer interest.

In Production

Suppliers are in place, tooling is complete, and costing information is available for this product.

The Story

Your phone help you navigate and train. It is your camera, your light and your emergency link home, so naturally you want it with you on your bike. While most bike mounts for phones are bulky, require special hardware, or are unique to a specific phone, the Handleband’s smart, stylish and fortified design provides the versatile solution for mounting and accessing your phone right on your bike.

Thanks to the natural flexibility of the silicone bands, the double-wrap system enables the Handleband to work effectively with any smartphone, any case and any bicycle. The construction is engineered from high-strength silicone and simultaneously reinforced with a 7075 Aluminum spine (which even doubles as a bottle opener!) Use the Handleband to bike at night, track your commute, train more effectively or to attach accessories. The Handleband is the minimal and universal means of uniting your smartphone with your bicycle.

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