Revolving core

Easy Roll Back

The durable polypropylene body sports a revolving core for easy bag rollback.

Double gated s biner

Double-Gated S-Biner

Either clip the included double-gated S-Biner or use the side clips to secure the dispenser flush with the leash.

Standard bag

Standard Size

The dispenser accommodates standard bag rolls for easy refills and comes with a roll of earth-friendly bags.

Clam shell

Clamshell Design

The open/close of the Pack-a-Poo's clamshell design makes for easy bag refills of standard poop bags.

Product Details

Sales Record

This product has been available for sale or presale and has proof of consumer interest.

In Production

Suppliers are in place, tooling is complete, and costing information is available for this product.

Production Ready

This product is fully designed and ready for production once a preferred manufacturer is selected.

The Story

Make ease of an inglorious task with the Pack-A-Poo bag dispenser. The dispenser features a unique revolving core, allowing you to quickly roll up excess bags you pull out. The included #2 S-Biner attaches easily to any leash or backpack or can you can affix the dispenser flat against the leash by sliding it into the two integrated clips. The dispenser comes pre-loaded with fifteen certified-biodegradable and compostable bags, so the bags are friendly for your pup and for the earth. The clamshell design makes it quick and easy to reload with standard-size rolls of poop bags. Do your doody duty with no mess or stress.

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